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[cml_media_alt id='11']IMG1[/cml_media_alt]Tiscornia & Associates, established by Luigi Tiscornia, is a family firm that was begun just after the Second World War and has been successful in every aspect of civil law ever since.

Real estate is our prized core of business, the founder being the longstanding President of the Ligurian Association of Property Owners (Associazione della Proprietà Edilizia Ligure). His son Francesco currently sits on the executive board of the Ligurian and Genoese Associations and is also member of Lawyer’s examining board to the Court of Appeal of Genova.

Led by the second generation of leadership, the longevity of the T.A. has proven more than complimentary to the development, growth and expansion of the firm.

[cml_media_alt id='15']img2[/cml_media_alt]Both Luigi and Francesco are highly regarded in the legal community and are recognised every September at the “Convegno dei Legali di Confedilizia”, a well established Conference in Piacenza, Italy.

At Tiscornia & Associates a full spectrum of personalised assistance, consultation and support is provided in all aspects of the law. Including, but not limited to contractual, dispute resolution and compulsory pretrial mediation with an excellent track record of favourable rulings and settlements.

Over the years, Tiscornia & Associates have added new skills and competencies to their core field of Real Estate. The firm is often called upon to deal with consulting on contracts and civil liability, debt collection, probate divisions and hereditary rights of individuals in separation and divorce.

Tiscornia & Associates has also created a strong network of valuable connections with lawyers, specialists and experts in specific fields. These collaborations have proven powerful and economically advantageous, whilst offering excellent services to the client.



Civil lawyer in Upper and Lower Courts.

National advisor of the “Confedilizia” – Member of the brand of the Real Estate Association.

Former member of the audit committee of the Port Voltri P.S.A. and associated companies.

Examiner for Bar Examination.

Arbitrator at the Real Estate Arbitral Chamber at the Chamber of Commerce.

Former Chairman of the Civil Bar Association of the Lawyers of Genoa.

Advisor of the Catholic Lawyer Association.

Author of numerous pubblications.