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“In judicial activity we never lose cases. In fact, we are now able to immediately understand when the outcome may be unfavorable and it is therefore appropriate to compromise. It goes up to the sentence only when the case is given up”

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Long-established in Genoa, the family run firm has built a strong reputation in the city, ingrained in its economic and cultural history. Founded by the lawyer Luigi Tiscornia in the immediate post-war period, the firm has dealt mainly with Civil Law and, from its historic position in the heart of Piazza Corvetto, one of the most evocative locations in Genoa, has followed a vast number of cases over the decades.

The core business of the firm has always been real estate, not least because Carlo Tiscornia, Luigi’s brother, created the Portobello di Gallura Residential Park in Sardinia, a highly innovative urban planning idea for the time, with its 300 villas hidden amongst juniper trees, with the juridical support of his brother Luigi and his nephew Francesco.

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Luigi was for a long time President of the Ligurian Building Property Association while his son Francesco, who built on his father’s work, sits on the Board of Directors of both the Ligurian and Genoese Associations. Both have been especially active in this regard, promoting the role of the firm, participating every year in September in the traditional Conference of Lawyers of Confedilizia in Piacenza, now in its 31st edition.

Over the years, new areas of specialisation have been added to that of real estate, in response to specific caseloads, including logistics and insurance; the generational change in families and in companies; contractual consultancy and civil liability; inheritance and rights of the individual.

Over the decades, the firm has created a broad network of connections throughout Italy both with other lawyers and specialists with whom it collaborates when a specific skill set is required.

The firm offers tailored advice to each of our clients: every client is given the utmost attention and assistance, with the aim of preventing dispute and, where necessary, supporting cases up to the Court of Appeal.

The firm also deals with out-of-court mediation procedures at the appropriate Body of the Court of Genoa, whose duty will be ever increased to initiate a trial.

The firm makes use of numerous external collaborators to respond in real time to various needs and contain costs, thus making it efficient and competitive from an economic point of view.


Attorney Francesco Massimo Tiscornia is, among other things, National Councilor of Confedilizia Rome; former member of the Board of Statutory Auditors of the Port of Genoa Voltri P.S.A. and associated companies; President of Aster S.p.A. subsidiary of the Municipality of Genoa; Commissioner of the State Examination of Lawyers; Mediator at the Mediation Body of Lawyers of the Court of Genoa and at the Chamber of Commerce of Genoa; former President of the Civil Chamber at the Court of Genoa, Association of Civil Lawyers; Collaborator in national magazines of Real Estate Law such as, for example, the Lease and Condominium Archive. Real Estate and Properties. Ligurian jurisprudence. Founding Member of the Il Foro Immobiliare Association; Member of AIDIM Italian Maritime Law Association; Secretary of the Italian Catholic Jurists Union.